Random Pose

Random Pose Generator

Creates descriptions for setting a pose. You can ignore any part of the instructions it gives, such as for hands or eyes, or else just try out another random pose by refreshing the page. Some may not be suitable for long poses.
Here is your very own random pose description:

squatting - leaning - back - and twisting - and stretching - arms - on head - one hand - limp - eyes - looking to the side

Just click here to go on to the Or try an exercise. Yes it really is that easy...

Are some of these poses impossible? Should other body parts or instructions be included in the how to model page? Or moods removed or added? Why not tell us how you get on with these poses, or show us what you created with this!

When you work as a life model raised arm poses may require a support such as a pole, rope or piece of furniture. Reclining or kneeling poses may call for padding or a mattress for comfort and support. Some poses are only suitable for a short time, such as a one minute, or for a suitably sturdy model, but unexpected suggestions are a great way to get creative and try something you hadn't thought of, or save yourself the effort of thinking. It's amazing what you can do in a one minute drawing. And this randomiser works on your phone so yes you can take it with you - just type in and bookmark lifedrawing.me/random. Go figure!

Some amazing comic interpretations of these poses can be seen in a challenge video on the Drawfee Youtube Channel.

If you are looking for a random pose generator that actually shows you images of models in poses, then probably what you want is the amazing one at Posemaniacs.com which shows you 40,572 computer generated pictures of poses with the skin removed and muscles all very clearly and diagramatically drawn in colour. They even offer an Iphone app to help you see them up close, but they are definitely not photos unless of course they were taken at a massive Bodyworlds exhibition. A collection of suitable photos used to be seen at lovecastle.org where you could set a timer to show you a sequence of heads, bodies hands and so on to draw, and you can do something similar with clothed and unclothed photos at quickposes.com as well as at line-of-action.com.

Some more static sets of model photos are also available at posespace. And if you're into Manga there was an attribute description engine at www.kuautli.com/randomizer. A largely subscription based service at figurosity.com offers both clothed and unclothed poses.

You can also hit the random button yourself on the figures for drawing page on tumblr.com to find some surprising images, and for some other interesting resources from tumblr please see also our useful sites page. And another way to get random besides just poses is to try some free exercises to loosen things up and find out how to draw in new ways. Drawing is fun, and helps you see better and keep your brain fit.