Lee Stevenson

Since I left artschool I have focused mostly on printmaking - etching, lino and woodcuts - but recently I have returned to landscape painting in oils and lifedrawing.

I came late to the properties of charcoal and pastels for rendering the human form and the way that light plays upon it. I had thought that charcoal was messy and difficult to control, but I have discovered that by working on a larger scale you are forced to look very carefuly at your subject before making a mark. This works best after the loosening up excerces of the 1 and 2 minute poses at the start of a lifedrawing session.  These short poses are always full of tension and can give a very ' hit or miss' result  but sometimes something truely spontaneous and exciting appears on the paper.

I am a member of The St.Ives Society of Artists. There is a link to their website here stisa.co.uk/artist-gallery/lee-stevenson.   

seated female nude watercolour
Woman seated 370x330mm watercolour
Girl standing 550x400mm
Woman standing 550x400mm pastel
Male nude charcoal and pastel
Man 1 charcoal and pastel 700x500mm
Standing female nude
Woman charcoal and pastel 590x420mm
Male nude sitting, charcoal and pastel
Male nude sitting, charcoal and pastel 700x500mm
Male nude backview, charcoal and pastel
Standing male 1, charcoal and pastel 700x500mm