Hen Party Life drawing

Life drawing has become a fashionable event at the all-women hen party of today, with groups of women drawing a male model, possibly an athletic one, often as part of a hen weekend with a range of enjoyable activities. Is this about drawing from life, staring at a nude person, redsiscovering creativity, learning to draw, appreciating art and the beauty of the human body, or passing the time between hangovers? There doesn't seem to be an obvious equivalent to this for the male stag party, which takes place before a man marries and takes vows of fidelity.  These events often take place in the popular wedding destination Cornwall, especially Newquay and St Ives, and around the country, both in public venues and in private homes as well as out of doors.

If you are looking to find a henparty lifedrawing session in the Penzance and St Ives area of Cornwall with an experienced professional tutor, please do contact us or email hens@lifedrawing.me.

People who are not used to drawing, and the challenges of the figure, could get bored and frustrated with drawing, but many find it re-awakens the child's desire to create and the joy of making your own world. This also fits with the trend for weekend-long hen events where women get to learn fun new skills such as jewellery, stand up paddleboarding, or vegan cupcake decoration. though it is unclear if that skill is transferable to body painting and tattoos.

One model who worked at a hen party session in St Ives Cornwall on a Saturday found the drawings done were very good and the participants were very interested, though some seemed unused to the situation of being given permission to stare at someone in the flesh, let alone someone nude.  In fact some of the participants seemed shocked when faced with  a nude, motionless man.  In everyday life you rarely see someone nude and if the context is not one in which that is allowed, the first instinct is usually to look away, not look more closely.  Why is that?

Rates of pay and roles for models vary widely, in some cases consisting of serving as a semi-nude butler at an all-female event, or dealing with an agency or franchise that arranges events and even supplies a "tutor" as well to mix drinks.  Occasionally job adverts appear looking on Gumtree.com for male models for this role, some of which may violate age discrimination legislation by specifying that they want a man under 40. And is it acceptable for them to specify the gender of the applicant - or is that also cheekily outside the law?


Some Providers of Hen Party Life Drawing Services


If you would like a daytime henparty lifedrawing session in the Penzance and St Ives area with an experienced professional tutor and model, please do contact us or email hens@lifedrawing.me.

The Register of Artists' Models, also called RAM, is a well-established body offering events in the London area for both men and women, some featuring professional burlesque dancers and trained tutors.

Hen Party Me UK offer Life Drawing events countrywide for companies, agencies and groups.

Butlers with Bums are a Brighton company offering a buff butler service for hen parties and stag nights - are gay stag nights a new niche market?

London's Hunks in Trunks offer naked butlers, waiters and chefs for events, though presumably the chefs may wear aprons and observe proper catering health and safety requirements, such as wearing hair nets and safety boots at work. With all these positions the issue arises whether the staff are fed a diet containing saltpetre (potassium nitrate), the traditional opposite of viagra, as a possible professional precaution in this exciting and spicey role.