Drawn From Life

Drawn to Life poster

Recent Drawings by Graham Hewitt

An exhibition at the Salthouse Gallery, St. Ives, Cornwall
Exhibition open 10am - 4pm
Friday November 2 - Wednesday November 7
(Sunday 12am - 4pm)

Local artist Graham Hewitt is exhibiting nearly fifty of his fine recent drawings, largely figures drawn from the regular Saturday sessions of the long-running Penzance Life Drawing group in Cornwall. Graham uses a wide variety of media, including watercolour, ink, gesso, gouache, pencil, and soluble graphite sticks on heavy paper. This open-minded and experimental approach leads to surprising results, with sometimes spidery lines sharply tracing figures gently brushed with patches of colour and texture.

Graham prepared an interesting illustrated account of fifty years of drawing, thoughts and inspirations for this exhibition, with observations about the fundamental nature of drawing in creative work. If you would like to read the full document please contact Graham.

Salthouse Gallery details:

email: rental(at)salthousegallery.co.uk
address: Norway Square, St Ives Cornwall TR26 1NB
Telephone: 07786 338478
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Located about 100m from the St Ives Tate Gallery, The Salthouse Gallery was founded in 1979 by poet, artist and librettist Bob Devereux. It closed as an art gallery in 2010 while remaining available as a central venue to hire for exhibitions, with the St Ives Society of Artists and The St Ives School of Painting both very close by.

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