Interesting Sites

There are many sites and resource for drawing, figure drawing, and modelling available on the web. Here we highlight a few you might want to visit for further information or local interest, and of course we welcome suggestions for inclusion. The Register of Artists' Models, or RAM, is a fascinating resource which grew out of 1990's efforts to improve the conditions of artists' models working in London. It evolved from a sort of trade union to paid trade directory, allowing models and employers to register for a fee. Particularly interesting are the tips for models on pay rates and conditions, as well as poses.

The Drawing From Life group on Flickr features recently uploaded images drawn from life in the broadest sense - in other words these are photos of drawings that were not made from photos, but made from observation of an actual physical subject, which isn't necessarily a person.

The Painting Fool is a talented computer program which showed its stuff on TV and impressed a lot of people with its work. The program can detect the emotional state of its subject and adjust its painting style in response to that. Have subjects tried sticking out their tongues at it when posing? The Fool can also create from a programmed imagination, that is to say, with no input of photographs or a physical subject to observe. How the Turing Test is to be applied to an autonomously creative program is a good question, and linking this Fool to 3d printing will allow the creation of cyberceramics and sculpture as well.

Land's End School of Art offer instruction in painting and drawing as well as crafts and textiles for all levels of ability and experience. The school offers classes, drop-in sessions, and bespoke individual or group tuition, which can also take place outdoors in the striking painterly landscape of Land's End in West Cornwall. Life Drawing has been offered on an occasional basis here, and all the activities are particularly suitable and encouraging for beginners and improvers.

The Campaign for Drawing runs a UK-wide annual mass participation event called The Big Draw every year, featuring locally organised drawing events and popup galleries. Over the last ten years it has become a month-long festival, now with more than 1500 interesting events each year at museums, galleries, heritage and history sites, libraries, schools and community venues.

Falmouth University, formerly well-known as Falmouth College of Art, offer a unique undergraduate degree course with drawing as its subject, the BA in Drawing at their campus in Cornwall in the United Kingdom. For more information about art and attractions in Cornwall check out the online Cornwall Guide or read about contemporary hen party life drawing.

If you would like to find the sites that show a series of models in poses to let you practice your drawing, please see the helpful random pose page here. Other possible resources on Tumblr include figure drawing tags and also gestures, items for animation, and share your body. where people upload pics of themselves.  Tumblr seem to have deleted some of the other interesting picture sharing pages such as "older nudes" and "get-naked".