Drawing From Life

Welcome to the site where we draw from life. This site not only serves the Penzance life drawing group in Cornwall, but also offers image galleries, news and exercises of wider interest to those who love drawing and figures, and also cakes. Here you will also find a handy new random pose generator to give suggestions for models.

The weekly Life Drawing Penzance group took its usual break over the xmas period and restarted in January 2015 and will meet all summer long as usual. For full details, 2015 dates and map please see the Penzance page here. In autumn 2013 we had a special subject, as we were drawing a pregnant model on the last Saturday of each month. Autumn 2013 also saw our enjoyable Lifelines Exhibition in Penzance, and you can still see work here from the Figuration Exhibition in St Ives which finished on 4 April 2014. It's a great chance to see a wide variety of skilled innovation responding to the living human form.

Our occasional all-day sessions give you time to do a more complete painting or drawing of a single pose held for the whole day, unlike a typical life class or course. These are open to all and the cost is £15.00 for a full day session, including tea and coffee, and you need to supply your own materials and usually portable easel if you would like to be sure of having one. You can see some work from an all-day pose in this gallery from a day in 2012. Everyone is welcome and we only arrange these extra sessions when there is enough interest. Our first all-day pose of 2015 took place in February.

There was a fine set of drawings by a Newlyn artist on show at the Drawn From Life Exhibition in St Ives Cornwall in November 2012.  May 2012 also saw an interesting local life drawing group exhibition in May at the Schoolhouse Gallery in Morvah, in Penwith near St Ives, which is one of Cornwall's best lit galleries.

And if you want a bit of help when drawing or with classes, get out your phone and have a look at the handy exercises here. Or try a piece of cake.

knealing man pencil life drawing
Artist: Jane Gosney
Artist: Gazelle
Figure sketches.  Charcoal on paper
Artist: Mike Duffy
ALEX NOV 2 2013
Artist: Graham Hewitt
seated female nude watercolour
Artist: Lee Stevenson
profile of man's head
Artist: Barry Spencer
reclining life drawing Cornwall
Artist: Tom Brooke
Leaning back male figure lost in thought black and white monoprint
Artist: Philip Maire
blue wash drawing of nude Penzance woman
Artist: Andy Tait
James Lee, Artist, Norbu Art Studio, Penzance, Cornwall, Charcoal Drawing, Life Drawing, British artists, Cornish artists, figurative paintings, figurative artists, figurative art, expressionism, expressionist paintings, expressionist art
Artist: James Lee
Artist: Colin Cude
female figure on fabric in Cornwall studio
Artist: Angela Stead
Artist: Alan Madsen